Are you spending your COVID-19 stay-at-home days binge-watching Netflix or Amazon Prime, doing online yoga, and arranging Zoom happy hours? Although there is nothing wrong with some self-care, rest, and recreation during these stressful and troubling times, it is also an excellent opportunity to do some cleaning to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Note that slowing the spread of the illness is important, and working together (while practicing social distancing) is the best way to go during this pandemic.

Many people are at home right now, and while the situation is not ideal, it can be an ideal time to get some thorough cleaning done to keep you and your loved ones safe. You can do many things in this time of heightened awareness in order to keep germs at bay while making the most efficient and safe use of your home appliances.

Here are a few valuable cleaning tips to keep your home nice and clean.

Clean Your Bathroom Thoroughly

Your family members who used to leave home to go to school or work are now using bathrooms all day. This is why it is crucial to clean touchpoints regularly to reduce the risk of infection.

You should clean and scrub faucets, doorknobs, and light switches. People are also using towels more than ever. This is why you should change your bath towels every couple of days. Also, hang your towels up between uses so can they dry. It is also essential to take care of the plumbing in your home.

Make sure that disposable disinfecting wipes and paper towels do not end up in the toilet. Also, instruct your family or roommate to clean out the hair catcher or drain in the tub or shower after each use.

Remove All Dirty Clothes Immediately

It is worth noting that ditching dirty packaging is not the only thing that you should get rid of at the door. You should not forget about all the germs you may be wearing. The best practice is to put your clothes directly into a hamper immediately on entering your home. This is because the coronavirus lives on both fabrics and porous surfaces.

Also, do not make the mistake of shaking dirty laundry before washing—to help avoid self-contamination. You can use Bayes Washing Machine Cleaner and Deodorizer to remove and destroy odor-producing residue and organisms when doing laundry.  It is also important to wash your laundry in the warmest possible water to kill the germs.

Clean High-Touch Surfaces

Before you make an effort to clean every last surface in the home, it is better to take a few minutes to assess which surfaces need it most. Experts recommend that you focus on high-touch surfaces, such as countertops, above all else. This is because keeping these surfaces clean and tidy will prevent the transmission of germs to other parts of your home.

It is worth noting that high-touch surfaces are the things in your home you touch the most—such as doorknobs, cabinet pulls and handles, light switches,  railings, remote controls, faucets, and even tabletops.

Vacuum and Clean Your Carpets

You should make vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning a priority on your list for this year’s cleaning. It is important to move the furniture and vacuum underneath. This will help suck up all pesky dust bunnies. Also, do not forget the air vents! Vacuum in closets and under the beds as well to minimize the risk.

Don’t Ignore Soft Surfaces

While we know that it can be trickier than cleaning various hard surfaces, you can keep soft surfaces, such as blankets, as germ-free as possible. Wash your sheets, clothing, pillows, and plush toys regularly, particularly if somebody in your home is sick.

It is important first to remove any visible marks and blemishes from your fabric. After that, clean the material gently with a suitable cleaning solution as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clean All Wooden Furniture

It is worth noting that wooden furniture looks fantastic, especially with that “just cleaned” shine. You should first wipe it down carefully to remove dust and then wax the furniture to protect the wood, giving it a beautiful sheen.

You can use Bayes High-Performance Wood and Bamboo Conditioner and Protectant to clean wooden surfaces in your home. Another option for wooden surfaces is Begley’s Natural Plant-Based Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Use Effective and Safe Cleaning Products

To clean all the above areas and materials properly, you have to make sure that you are using the right products for the job. You should look for products and cleaners that have a disinfectant when killing surface viruses or germs is your goal.

It is worth mentioning that some of the more commonly used active ingredients include sodium hypochlorite, pine oil, ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, quaternary ammonium compounds, and citric acid.